Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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A couple of Yorkshire alerts for today, April 11:

In York:
An evening with Brontë expert, Michael Stewart
Wednesday 11th April 19:00 at Waterstones, York

Michael Stewart, one of the UK's leading Brontë experts, will be discussing his new novel Ill Will -  covering Heathcliff's mysterious years away before returning to Wuthering Heights.
'Heathcliff has left Wuthering Heights, and is travelling across the moors to Liverpool in search of his past.
Along the way, he saves Emily, the foul-mouthed daughter of a Highwayman, from a whipping, and the pair journey on together.
Roaming from graveyard to graveyard, making a living from Emily’s apparent ability to commune with the dead, the pair lie, cheat and scheme their way across the North of England.
And towards the terrible misdeeds – and untold riches – that will one day send Heathcliff home to Wuthering Heights.'
At the Parsonage:
Wild Wednesday! Marvellous Maps
11 April, 11am-4pm 

The Brontës loved to create their own maps. It was part of the way they told the stories of their imaginary worlds and they had great fun inventing places and making up names. One of Branwell’s was called Sneaky’s Land! Come and design your own secret map to take home with you, but don’t show anyone where you’ve put the treasure… 


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