Thursday, April 05, 2018

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It's a Wuthering Heights kind of day today, you'll see. Female First suggests '5 Ways To Avoid Romantic Fatalism'.
Identify real-life role models
While many of us dream of a romance to rival Cathy and Heathcliff, it’s worth remembering that many of these epic literary romances are dysfunctional. Would you really want to be with someone who confuses passion with jealousy and control? Try to remember that fiction is just that and take inspiration from real-life relationships instead. Think of the best couples you know: are their relationships full of drama and uncertainty or do they treat each other with respect, prioritise honesty, and argue constructively? (Verity Hogan)
El Periódico de Extremadura (Spain) turns 95 and one of its columnists celebrates by paraphrasing Emily Brontë:
El Periódico Extremadura es nuestra historia, somos nosotros para nosotros y hoy cumple 95 años, felicidades por ti, por nosotros, por los que te disfrutaron y por los que te disfrutarán, porque haciendo mía una famosa frase de una obra de la escritora Emily Brontë, “«ómo podría vivir sin mi vida, cómo podría vivir sin mi alma». (Saturnino Acosta) (Translation)
Libreriamo (Italy) has selected a quote from Wuthering Heights as one of the most beautiful love quotes in literature.
Il mio amore per Linton è come il fogliame nei boschi: il tempo lo cambierà, ne sono consapevole, come l’inverno cambia gli alberi. Il mio amore per Heathcliff somiglia alle rocce eterne che stanno sotto quegli alberi: una fonte di piacere ben poco visibile, ma necessaria. Nelly, io sono Heathcliff! (Emily Brontë – Cime Tempestose)


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