Monday, April 02, 2018

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The Whole Hog Company is performing again their 2016 production of Polly Teale's Brontë this spring:
Friday 23rd February @ Phoenix Theatre, New College Swindon
Monday 2nd April @ The Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, Isle of Man
(as part of the Manx Amateur Drama Federation 2018 Easter Festival of Plays)
Tuesday April 10th @ The Victoria Pub, Old Town, Swindon, 7.30PM
(as part of the 2018 Swindon Fringe Festival)

How is it possible that three Victorian spinsters, living in isolation on the Yorkshire moors, could have written some of the most powerful and passionate fiction of all time? What might they have been like, not as famous writers and poets but as real people, as women, as sisters?
The play takes us to the heart of their lives in the remote parsonage where the daily drudgery and claustrophobic restrictions imposed on them leads to frustration and conflict. The sisters’ only escape is the moors that surround them or the unbounded landscapes of their imaginations. Their brother Branwell returns home in disgrace. Plagued by alcohol and drug addiction, he has been dismissed after an affair with the mistress of the house he went to as a tutor. As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to the house, his sisters write.
This extraordinary play by Polly Teale evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontës, as the fictional characters come to haunt their creators.


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