Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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The ChapterHouse Theatre Company is touring China with their Jane Eyre production:
Jane Eyre
Adapted by Laura Turner
Directed by Rebeca Gadsby

Adapted from Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, Chapterhouse Theater Company will present “Jane Eyre,” one of the greatest romances of English literature.
The original novel “Jane Eyre” follows the emotion and experience of its heroine, including her growth into adulthood, her love for Mr Rochester and their happy ending.
With elements of social criticism, the novel looks at the individualism of Jane and the exploration of classism, sexuality, religion and feminism.
Adapted for the stage by Laura Turner, whose adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s vivid novel “utterly silenced 500 strong audience with its moments of poignancy and violence,” and directed by Rebeca Gadsby, the Jane Eyre theater stage show will be performed by its original cast. 
20-Mar  Tue Beihang Univesity 19:00, Beijing
21-Mar Wed Shandong Grand Theatre 19:30, Jinan
22-24-Mar Thurs 9 Theatre 19:30, Beijing
25-Mar Sun Peking University 14:00/19:00, Beijing
27-Mar Tues People's University 19:00, Beijing
28-Mar Wed Jinwan Theatre 19:30, Tianjin
29-Mar Thurs Zhongnan Theatre 19:30, Wuhan
30-31-Mar Fri Xinghai Concert Hall 19:30, Guangzhou
01-Apr Sun Children's Palace, Shenzhen 19:30, Guangzhou
03-08-Apr Tues Buick Theatre, Grand Theatre 19:30, Shanghai
09-Apr Mon Poly Theatre 19:30, Nanjing
10-Apr Tues Arts & Cultural Centre 19:30, Suzhou
11-12-Apr Wed Shengli Theatre 19:30, Hangzhou
13-15-Apr Fri Huangpu Theatre 19:30, Shanghai


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