Sunday, February 25, 2018

Via Country Living we have discovered this infographic by Hoppa on 2018 literary journeys featuring the Yorkshire Dales:

Another infographic is Valuewalk's, on the sleeping habits of famous people. Regrettably, the Emily Brontë part is quite misleading.

The Daily Mail reports a curious (albeit sad) Haworth anecdote:
By the end of the 19th Century, Britain was packed with parachuting women. One such was ‘Leaping’ Lily Cove, famous for her trademark trick of tearing off her skirt to reveal beribboned bloomers. She would then hop on to a tiny trapeze suspended beneath a balloon, ascend, and parachute back to earth.
In the summer of 1906 she was to provide the finale at the annual gala in Haworth, the Yorkshire village that had been home to the Brontës.
Seven thousand people gathered on a lovely summer evening to see her. Balanced on the swing beneath her balloon, the parachute attached to its side, Lily appeared confident as she began to soar, headed for the heavens to the sounds of an ecstatic crowd and Haworth Brass Band playing with gusto.
The drill was to wait until 700ft, then jump from the trapeze, her weight snapping the cord that attached the parachute to the balloon, and drift to earth in a performance she had perfected. Suddenly, something went catastrophically wrong. She began plunging towards a reservoir, going too fast for the parachute to open in time. To the horror of those on the ground, she came free of the parachute altogether. Cartwheeling helplessly in the air, she plunged into a field.
Her legs and skull were smashed and she died shortly after spectators reached her. It was thought she had panicked when drifting towards the reservoir – she was unable to swim – and had unthinkingly unfastened her parachute. (Sharon Wright)
The Register-Guard on royal weddings:
Some might find it puzzling why our nation, which fought a revolution to rid itself of British rule, should now be so entranced by English aristocracy. My guess is that this sentiment is rooted in our longing for fairy-tale endings, aided and abetted by timeless Shakespeare plays and our infatuation with the novels by Austen, Dickens, the Brontë sisters, and countless other skilled British authors and poets. In all of these literary and entertainment venues, the rulers of Britannia play a role to greater or lesser degrees. (Joseph Lieberman
The Sunday Times interviews Clio Barnard, film director of Dark River:
For Dark River, Barnard filmed in Skipton, North Yorkshire, near where she grew up, and her influences are what she remembers as a child, as well as passages of rugged Thomas Hardy and the muddiness of Cary Fukunaga’s film version of Jane Eyre. (Jonathan Dean)
A Cidade. O Jornal de Votuporanga (Brazil) reports the death of scenographer Guto Viscardi:
Ele integrava a Mundin Cia de Teatro, na qual dirigia atualmente o espetáculo Processo Brontë, inspirado na história dos irmãos Brontë, que estava previsto para ser encenado em julho. (Translation)
Elle's French readers choose the best books of February:
Le Document: "Les Soeurs Brontë" de Laura El Makki (Taillandier)
« Ce livre ne m’a pas seulement éclairée sur la vie de ces femmes, mais il m’a fait voyager dans le temps. J’ai été submergée par cette force d’exister qui en ressort. » (Cynthia Honoré)
« Quel livre ! Je l’ai dévoré en deux jours. La famille Brontë me fascine. Je ne la connaissais pas très bien. Je l’ai découverte en profondeur. » (Sandrine Blicq)
« C’est aussi l’évocation de l’Angleterre victorienne qui nous est contée. Naître fille et pauvre au XIXe siècle était un double fardeau. Sans l’écriture, que seraient-elles devenues ? » (Elisabeth Roblin) (Translation)
MaxMag (Greece) lists writers of only one novel:
Ανεμοδαρμένα Ύψη – Emily Brontë
Η Brontë το 1847 το δημοσίευσε με το ψευδώνυμο “Ellis Bell” και απέσπασε ανάμεικτες κριτικές λόγω των  χαρακτηριστικών της προσωπικότητας των ηρώων. Ωστόσο, αναγνωρίστηκε από αναγνώστες και κριτικούς η δυναμική της γραφής της και η πρωτοτυπία. Δυστυχώς, η ίδια δεν γεύτηκε τους καρπούς του κόπου της, αφού πέθανε έναν χρόνο αργότερα.
CiociaraReport24 reviews Phantom Thread:
Il Filo Nascosto rappresenta una perfetta chiusa della poetica del suo cinema nel XXI secolo: se il cineasta losangelino ci aveva raccontato della ricerca dell'amore e della pace interiore nella vita di coppia in Ubriaco d'Amore, se ci aveva spiegato la ricerca del potere e la bramosia capitalista ne Il Petroliere, se ci aveva delineato gli effetti dell'amore negato sull'anima umana (e soprattutto sulla psiche) in The Master, Il Filo Nascosto lega con precisione sartoriale (il gioco di parole era d'obbligo) tutti gli argomenti dei film precedenti, ma allo stesso tempo se ne distacca notevolmente assumendo toni da romanzo gotico (c'è un po' di Jane Eyre), da thriller hitchcockiano (c'è anche un po' di Rebecca - La prima moglie), da mèlo intrigante, seducente, sinuoso e insinuante. (Emiliana Favoloro) (Translation)
Steven A. McKay reviews an audiobook Wuthering Heights version (read by Janet Paulson).


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