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Historic England, with the help of writer Monica Ali, ha released a list of the top 10 historic sites across England.
Author Monica Ali judges the Music & Literature category from hundreds of public nominations in our campaign A History of England in 100 Places, sponsored by Ecclesiastical Insurance [...]
All 10 places picked by Monica will be explored in new episodes of the recently launched podcast series, hosted by Emma Barnett. [...]
The Brontë Parsonage, Haworth, West Yorkshire
This was home to the three literary sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne from 1820 onwards. It was in this house that, as children and young adults, the Brontë sisters wrote some of their most famous novels, including Charlotte’s Jane Eyre, Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Anne’s Agnes Grey. The sisters, in contrast to Jane Austen, were working women and their writing reflects a broader spectrum of English society. They were also deeply inspired by the rugged Yorkshire landscape which surrounded the village of Haworth, bringing it to life for millions across the world in the pages of their novels.
Judge Monica Ali said: “A single Yorkshire parsonage housed three literary talents in the mid-19th century. It would be quite remarkable now, and given that the Brontë sisters had to publish firstly under pseudonyms, it was even more remarkable at the time that three young women should make such an impact on the literary landscape.”
BBC News and The Guardian also carry the story. Yorkshire Post goes a bit beyond just sharing the list:
Kate Bush’s 1970s habitation of Wuthering Heights had already tenuously connected the Brontë Parsonage on the West Riding moors with the EMI studio on London’s Abbey Road in which The Beatles sang of Sergeant Pepper and Eleanor Rigby. But the influence both buildings have had on popular culture is finally recognised today with their inclusion, side by side, in a Top Ten of England’s most important historical sites for music and literature. [...]
But the organisers, keen not to inflame the sort of passions which last month saw allegations of “dumbing down” levelled at the Parsonage, have avoided placing rock and roll above the classics, or vice versa. “Everyone is ranked equally,” said Historic England of its project to tell the country’s story in 100 places, arranged into 10 categories. [...]
The exterior of Abbey Road studios, burned on the popular consciousness by 1969 picture of The Beatles on the zebra crossing outside, is described as “a temple of pop music throughout the 20th century”. It has also played host to Pink Floyd, Oasis and Kate Bush – although her hymn to Emily Brontë was recorded a mile away in the Air studio of The Beatles’ producer, sir George Martin. [...]
In Haworth, where the sisters’ former home is now a museum, principal curator Ann Dinsdale said she was “thrilled” that the parsonage had been included, and added: “It’s very well-deserved. “The Parsonage was home to not one, but three great writers and the house and its world-class collection attract visitors from all over the world.” (David Behrens)
Still locally, Keighley News reports that.
A holiday village and farmhouse on the outskirts of Haworth has been placed on the market.
Westfield Lodge, near Penistone Hill Country Park, has been given a guide price of £1.35 million and is being marketed by Leeds-based Blacks Business Brokers.
The property, off Upper Marsh Lane, includes 20 luxury self-catering apartments and a modernised farmhouse with four double bedrooms.
These buildings are based within 4.5 acres of gardens and surrounded by open moorland, with views of the Worth Valley. [...]
Mr Pagdin, the owner of a successful construction business, was responsible for building 20 new apartments on the site adjoining the farmhouse and establishing it as a holiday lets business.
But he is now looking for a new owner to take over.
Commenting after Westfield Lodge's sale was announced early this week, he said: “I've always thought this was the perfect lifestyle business for someone who wants to get away from it all.
"Every morning I wake up to fabulous views over the valley. I'm right out in the countryside but also only a mile away from Haworth and its fantastic restaurants and facilities.
“The business runs itself at the moment but there's also real potential for new owners to expand into camping or glamping and to make further inroads into the market for accommodating organised groups." (Miran Rahman)
Dewsbury Reporter mourns the death of Denis Ripley. a highly committed councillor who did many things for the arts in the area, among them:
In 2009 he chaired the group who put together the events to mark the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Patrick Brontë at Dewsbury Parish Church.”
Atuvu (Canada) reviews the play Hurlevents:
En somme, avec Hurlevents, Fanny Britt a réussi tout un tour de force : celui de réunir, dans une seule pièce, tout un kaléidoscope de thèmes, de questionnements et de réflexions, sans qu'aucun d'eux ne fasse de l'ombre aux autres. Tout s'imbrique harmonieusement comme dans un cube Rubik. C'est une pièce intense, fournie, où le spectateur ne doit pas manquer d'attention une seule seconde. Les références au roman Les hauts de Hurlevents sont disséminées ici et là dans le spectacle, soit de façon discrète, soit frontale. Le roman est en fait la matrice de laquelle est née la pièce Hurlevents, qui s'en est maintenant totalement détachée. (Luce Langis) (Translation)
Magazine Digital (Spain) interviews writer Zadie Smith.
Lo que me interesa es que el lector tenga una experiencia casi de videojuego cuando lee uno de mis libros. Crear una especie de avatar que el lector pueda habitar, porque yo, como lectora negra, puedo ser David Copperfield o Jane Eyre sin problemas, pero el lector blanco, cuando tiene que ponerse en la piel de alguien de otra raza, marca cierta distancia. Siempre me he esforzado para que el lector blanco entre en mis libros no como un turista, sino como uno más, que salte las barreras raciales. (Antonio Lozano) (Translation)
With Valentine's Day next week, we are starting to see more Brontë mentions of that kind: DireDonna (Italy) recommends Wuthering Heights as a gift while Bustle lists '21 Love Letters By Authors To Inspire Your Own Valentine's Day Note' including an extract from one of Charlotte's letters to M. Heger.

Sandra Harris posts about Jane Eyre 1944.


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