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A new Charlotte Brontë study appearing this summer:
Charlotte BrontëLegacies and afterlivesEdited by Amber Regis and Deborah Wynne
ISBN: 978-1-7849-9246-0 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-5261-1985-8 (ebook)
Manchester University Press
July 2017

Charlotte Brontë: legacies and afterlives is a timely reflection on the persistent fascination and creative engagement with Charlotte Brontë's life and work. The new essays in this volume, which cover the period from Brontë's first publication to the twenty-first century, explain why her work has endured in so many different forms and contexts. This book brings the story of Charlotte Brontë's legacy up to date, analysing the intriguing afterlives of characters such as Jane Eyre and Rochester in neo-Victorian fiction, cinema, television, the stage and, more recently, on the web. Taking a fresh look at 150 years of engagement with one of the best-loved novelists of the Victorian period, from obituaries to vlogs, from stage to screen, from novels to erotic makeovers, this book reveals the author's diverse and intriguing legacy. Engagingly written and illustrated, the book will appeal to both scholars and general readers.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: picturing Charlotte Brontë - Amber K. Regis and Deborah Wynne
Part I: Ghostly afterlives: cults, literary tourism and staging the life
1 The 'Charlotte' cult: writing the literary pilgrimage, from Gaskell to Woolf - Deborah Wynne
2 The path out of Haworth: mobility, migration, and the global in Charlotte Brontë's Shirley and the writings of Mary Taylor - Jude Piesse
3 Brontë countries: nation, gender and place in the literary landscapes of Haworth and Brussels - Charlotte Mathieson
4 Reading the revenant in Charlotte Brontë's literary afterlives: charting the path from the 'silent country' to the seance - Amber Pouliot
5 Charlotte Brontë on stage: 1930s biodrama and the archive/museum performed - Amber K. Regis
Part II: Textual legacies: influences and adaptations6 'Poetry as I comprehend the word': Charlotte Brontë's lyric afterlife - Anna Barton
7 The legacy of Lucy Snowe: reconfiguring spinsterhood and the Victorian family in inter-war women's writing - Emma Liggins
8 Hunger, rebellion and rage: adapting Villette - Benjamin Poore
9 The ethics of appropriation; or, the 'mere spectre' of Jane Eyre: Emma Tennant's Thornfield Hall, Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair and Gail Jones's Sixty Lights - Alexandra Lewis
10 'The insane Creole': the afterlife of Bertha Mason - Jessica Cox
11 Jane Eyre's transmedia lives - Monika Pietrzak-Franger
12 'Reader, I [shagged/beat/whipped/f****d/rewrote] him': the sexual and financial afterlives of Jane Eyre - Louisa Yates
Appendix: Charlotte Brontë's cultural legacy, 1848-2016 - Kimberley Braxton


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