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A new chance to listen to the Wide Sargasso Sea 2004 radio adaptation:
Wide Sargasso Sea
BBC Radio 4 Extra
Jean Rhys's most famous novel read by Adjoa Andoh and Adam Godley - tracing the early life of the first Mrs Rochester from Jane Eyre.

Abridged by Margaret Busby
Producer: Claire Grove
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004.
Episode 1
06:15 July 3, 2017
Creole heiress Antoinette Cosway grows up on a belguiling Caribbean island where tensions escalate between her family and former slaves.

Episode 2
06:15 July 4, 2017
The mother of Creole heiress Antoinette Cosway marries an Englishman in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Read by Adjoa Andoh

Episode 3
06:15 July 5, 2017
Without her brother and parted from her mother, heiress Antoinette is sent off to school. Read by Adjoa Andoh

Episode 4
06:15 July 6, 2017
Fresh from England, Rochester weds Creole heiress Antoinette and takes her to Dominica. Read by Adam Godley.

Episode 5. A New Peril
06:15 July 7, 2017
Antoinette and Rochester's honeymoon develops into an intense love affair in Dominica. Read by Adam Godley.

Episode 6
06:15 July 10, 2017
An urgent letter to Rochester casts doubt on his wife's character. Read by Adam Godley.

Episode 7
06:15 July 11, 2017
Antoinette seeks advice, as malicious gossip puts a strain on her marriage to Rochester. Read by Adjoa Andoh.

Episode 8
06:15 July 12, 2017
Antoinette opens up to her husband Rochester, but the following events lead to a betrayal. Read by Adjoa Andoh.

Episode 9
06:15 July 13, 2017
Antoinette returns home distressed. Husband Rochester makes plans to leave the island. Read by Adam Godley.

Episode 10
06:15 July 14, 2017
Distressed Antoinette must come to terms with her future. Read by Adjoa Andoh.


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