Sunday, July 30, 2017

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Emily Brontë was born on a day like today in 1818. Critics have always wondered what in her upbringing may have given way to her one and only novel, her masterpiece Wuthering Heights. Speculations and theories apart, we are pretty sure that nothing would have come of it without an imagination that knew no boundaries.

Such is the strength of her story that 199 years after her birth it continues to touch and reach to people all over the world.

Catherine in tears (2013)
by Elisabetta Stoinich

Check this article Art Special Day (in Italian) about Emily Brontë:
Ciò che rende Emily Brontë una delle autrici più memorabili degli ultimi secoli è la sua capacità di saper ritrarre con estrema efficacia la grande varietà delle passioni umane, dominate da un’estrema irrazionalità che solo le parole, caratterizzate da una forte soggettività, possono comunicare, in modo tanto veritiero allora quanto oggi. (Maddalena Baschirotto) (Translation)
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