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Several websites have a recap of episode 7 of season 3 of The Affair. Beware of spoilers!
Their son Trevor’s (Jadon Sand) voice disturbs her. He’s in a musical production of Jane Eyre, and he is just talking about “the crazy lady in the attic” when a thud is heard. (Tim Teeman on The Daily Beast)
Luckily for Helen, Noah kept falling asleep, so she could get back upstairs and put dinner on the table. There, we saw a tense but functioning family unit — Martin was silent, which was an improvement, and Trevor chattered about a school-musical version of “Jane Eyre,” which allowed for some amusing references to crazy people in the attic. (Though who’s crazier — the dad in the basement or the mom at the table?) (Mike Hale in The New York Times)
She wakes up and goes upstairs and starts making dinner. Trevor is talking about being in Jane Eyre the musical — which sounds simply amazing — and says, “First you think it’s a romance, but then it turns into a thriller.” Hmmm. Is that what’s happening here? (Sara Vilkomerson on Entertainment Weekly)
In case you’re missing it (which I doubt), some anvil-ish references to the gothic Jane Eyre that could also apply to this show: “It’s almost like she switches genres. First you think it’s a romance, but then it turns into a thriller.” Also, Helen stashes her husband in the basement like Rochester hid his mad wife in the attic. (Gwen Ihnat on A.V. Club)
Author Siri Hustvedt lists her '6 favorite books' for The Week. One of them is
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (Dover, $8).
I read this complex, brilliant, terrifying novel for the first time at 14. I have read it three times since then, and each time I have been awed by both its diabolical structure and its emotional force.
On AnneBrontë.org, Nick Holland discusses the influence of poet William Cowper on Anne Brontë. The Critical Musings of an Aspiring Journalist reviews Wuthering Heights.


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