Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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RadioTimes reviews the film A Monster Calls by J.A. Bayona:
It is melodramatic, and set in a windswept northern English town that’s straight out of Brontë (only a brief shot of a computer in a school classroom gives it away as contemporary). As revealed in the trailer, and in the poster image, we are soon to meet an ancient yew tree, voiced in stentorian tones by Liam Neeson, which creaks to life in a neighbouring graveyard. (Andrew Collins)
Business Insider has a list of books any introvert should read. Including Jane Eyre:
The titular character in "Jane Eyre" is a classic and relatable introvert; someone who is content to get lost in literature and a quiet world of her own making rather than deal with complicated human interactions. (Hilary White)
Inspirational books for women is the subject of this post on Real Simple:
Carrie by Stephen King.
“What can I say? This is the first book that came to mind. Besides Norah Ephron's I feel Bad About My Neck, it's the only book I've reread on a regular basis. Carrie is my favorite heroine in literature. I know it's more popular or intellectually respectable to say Jane Eyre or Mrs. Dalloway or Emma, but for me: It's Carrie White. (Helen Ellis)
The Brussels Brontë Blog posts the second part of the list of French translations of The Professor.


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