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The main events of the Brontë week in Haworth, New Jersey begin tody, December 2. This is the complete schedule:
Haworth Municipal Library
300 Haworth Av, Haworth, NJ
"Jane Eyre" Film (2011), w/Wasikowska and Fassbender
Sunday. Nov. 27 2 PM
"Rebecca" Film (1940), w/Olivier and Fontaine
7 PM "Wide Sargasso Sea" (2006), prequel to "Jane Eyre," w/Rebecca Hall
Monday, Nov. 28
7 PM "Jane Eyrehead," SCTV, "Jane Eyre" (1943), w/ Welles and Fontaine
Wednesday, Nov. 30 2 PM
Jane Eyre  (2007) BBC Miniseries w/Toby Stephens
Thursday, Dec. 1, 11 AM
Live Reading of Jane Eyre begins and continues thru the day and on Saturday and Sunday
Friday, Dec. 2, 10 AM
Showing of Documentaries: Brontë "Biography", "Brontë Country"
Friday, Dec. 2, 1 PM
Deborah Lutz, author of The Brontë Cabinet (2016)
Friday, Dec. 2, 4 PM
Live Reading of Jane Eyre continues thru the day and on SundaySaturday, Dec. 3, 10 AM
Magic Lantern Show of Antique Haworth UK Slides
Saturday, Dec. 3, 11 AM
Charlotte Brontë Children’s Program (Grades 1-8)
Saturday, Dec. 3, 2:00 pm
I Walked with a ZombieSaturday, Dec. 3, 7 PM
Live Reading of Jane Eyre continues thru the day
Sunday, Dec. 4, 10 AM
Jane Eyre (1977) and Jane Eyre (1934)
Sunday, Dec. 4, 11 AM
Celebration with Tea and Scones - Reading of Jane Eyre concludes
Sunday, Dec. 4, 4 PM
More information in the Northern Valley Press:
It’s been documented that Haworth, N.J., was named after its namesake in the United Kingdom. A railroadman and novelist named John S. Sauzade had a hand in the establishment of a certain station stop on the Jersey City & Albany Railroad, and he named it “Haworth” in honor of one of his favorite authors. When Haworth seceded from Harrington Township and became a borough in 1904, it retained the name used for the railroad stop. (Read more)


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