Monday, November 07, 2016

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BBC News features the closure of the Red House Museum scheduled for December 21st.
Kirklees Council said the Dewsbury Museum and Red House closures are part of its museums service reorganisation, which will save £531,000.
The council will now see if anyone is willing to take over the running of the building and a decision will be announced next year.
However, if no-one comes forward with a viable plan the building may be sold on the open market.
Councillor Graham Turner said: "The council did not want to be in this position. Nobody wants to close museums but we do need to react to these times of austerity and make savings.
"I am sorry people will no longer be able to access these museums, but I can assure you we will do everything possible to look after the collections."
He added: "Museums are not just about buildings, it's about using the collections to tell the story of our past and how they influence what we do today."
The thing about the Red House Museum is that it is mostly about the building. If it is eventually sold as private property and turned into flats the whole point of it will be lost. Not to mention the stained glass windows.

Mask Magazine reviews the book Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett.
There was a storm that weekend and I was stuck indoors for a large part of it. I watched the trees make Wuthering Heights scenes outside the window, and read. The pond in Pond is in fact rather like the Lily Pond on Nantucket: there is no lily and what passes for “pond” is a pathetically tiny, algae-filled wet patch. (Jaime Chu)
AnneBrontë.org posts about Anne Brontë's 'Unpleasant and Undreamt Of Experience' at Thorp Green.


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