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In Haworth, New Jersey, the first week of December will be... Brontë week:
Haworth Library to Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday with Marathon Reading of "Jane Eyre"—Needs Readers!

Charlotte Brontë was born 200 years ago this year, and her birthday has been marked by grand celebrations in her hometown of Haworth, England. Not to be left out of the festivities, Haworth, New Jersey, is going to have its owntribute to the author with a "Brontë Weekend," including a marathon reading ofthe entirety of Brontë's masterpiece, "Jane Eyre." The event is being sponsored by the Friends ofthe Haworth Library.
It's been documented that Haworth, New Jersey, was named after its namesake in the UK—a railroadman, and novelist, named John S. Sauzade had a hand in the establishment of a certain station stop ont he Jersey City &Albany Railroad, and he named it "Haworth," in honor of one of his favorite authors. Over the years many Haworth NewJerseyans have crossed the Atlantic to visit its sister city, and residents of Haworth UK have also come to NJ—and the village even made a donation to the Haworth Library expansion.
The centerpiece of the Haworth "Brontë Weekend" will be the reading of"Jane Eyre," beginning at 10 AM at the library on Friday morning, December 2. The reading, whichthe library hopes to stream live, will most likely end sometime late Sunday afternoon, December 4. It's expected to take 22-24 hours to read the book aloud, but the organizers have elected not to read the book straight through overnight hours—readings will stop inthe evening and resume the next morning.
In the week leading up to the Brontë Weekend, the library will show several Brontë-themed movies, including, of course, a version or two of"Jane Eyre," and also something called "I Walked with a Zombie," which echos the Jane Eyre theme.

Other highlights oft he Brontë Weekend. On Friday night Victorian scholar Deborah Lutz will be at the library to discuss her recent book, "The Brontë Cabinet,"which looks atthe lives of the Bronte sisters through some of their possessions. On Saturday there will be a "magic lantern show" of rare glass slides of Haworth England, donated to the Haworth NJ library in the 1930s. Also on Saturdayafternoon the library will host some special kids' activities related to England and the Brontes. And on Sunday afternoon, whenthe reading of"Jane Eyre" concludes, the library will celebratewith tea, scones, and other appropriate refreshments.

The Haworth Library needs roughly 96 people to read 15 minute passages from "Jane Eyre." If you'd like to participate, please call the library at 201-384-1020, and you can reserve a time. 


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