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Stanford University tells about the death of the English Professor Emeritus Thomas C. Moser (1924-2016) who was mainly known for his critical studies of Ford Maddox Ford and Joseph Conrad. But he was also the author of an important and quite referenced paper in the Freudian analysis of Wuthering Heights as well as a critical edition of the Emily Brontë's novel:
What is the Matter with Emily Jane? Conflicting Impulses in Wuthering Heights
Thomas Moser
Source: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Jun., 1962), pp. 1-19
Many of the window and door images seen as ‘female’ symbols and keys and the poker as ‘male’ symbols in Wuthering Heights can be traced to this paper.
He was also the editor of a critical edition of Wuthering Heights:
Wuthering Heights: text, sources, criticism, New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962
It consists of the text, reprinted with·corrections of obvious misprints, from the first edition of 1847, 35 poems selected from Emily Bronte's CollectedPoems edited by the late C. W. Hatfield and published in 1941, containing most of those Gondal poems relevant to the novel, two selections from Charlotte Bronte's biographical Notice of her two sisters, Ellis and Acton Bell, prefaced to the 1850 edition, and critical essays by E. M. Forster, Mark Schorer, Arnold Kettle, Dorothy Van Ghent, Jacques Blondel, Albert Guerard and Thomas Moser. (Irene Cooper Willis,  Thomas C. Moser (1963) Looking For a Key to ‘Wuthering Heights’, Brontë Society Transactions, 14:3, 18-20)
EDIT: More information: The Stanford Daily.


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