Friday, July 15, 2016

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An amateur production of Jane Eyre (in the Willis Hall adaptation) is currently being performed in Penwortham, UK:
Jane Eyre
Dramatized from Charlotte Brontë's novel by Willis Hall
A Trouble Theatre + Preston Young Actors production
July 13,14,15, 7.30pm
St Mary's Church, Penwortham
Lancashire Evening Post adds:
“Troublehouse believes in encouraging the arts from a young age and Jayne Eyre has proved a fantastic experience to do just that with a very talented group of students from across Lancashire.”
Originally the production was intended just for friends and family of performers, but due to the enthusiasm of locals, it was arranged for a three-night run at the church in Church Avenue.
The seats inside St Mary’s have been cleared out for the actors, who are also making use of the balcony area where the organ was situated.


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