Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Fictitious Feasts is a photography project by Charles Roux, described like this:
Weaving the link between literature, food and photography, Fictitious Feasts is based upon food scenes in fiction texts. Eating is an essential activity, and connects both a sense of survival and social functions. Literature is frequently embedded in the imagery of food, and in many cases, characters are busy with the preparation or the consumption of a meal. The motif of food is particularly interesting in so far as it deeply reveals everyday life and its rituals, or it is a landmark in in the storytelling. Giving life to the story, food can also define a character or convey another theme: it relates the characters to some social or cultural identity. It could be said that writing reveals a great deal of human behaviours when intertwined with the literary treatment of food, for food not only nourishes but it is also a pretext to dramatic events or metaphors. Both food and words are essential to the human race and the way they are closely interwoven in literature is relevant of a certain human dimension. Meals fulfil physical needs as well as they provide psycho-emotional nourishment. The powerfulness of orality engages all the senses.
On the right you can see Jane Eyre's feast as imagined by Charles Roux. (Source) (Via Frizzifrizzi)
EDIT: The Indian Express publishes an article.

If you re eager to know the recipe of Jane Eyre's Caraway Seed Cake, Yes and Yes posts about it.


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