Thursday, April 28, 2016

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The Advocate reviews Claire Harman's biography of Charlotte Brontë.
April marks the bicentennial of Charlotte Brontë’s birth, and Claire Harman’s new biography offers a compelling look at the famed novelist. [...]
Though her life was tragic in many ways, Brontë succeeded in making an indelible contribution to the world canon, creating one of literature’s most memorable heroines, Jane Eyre. Harman tells that story well in her authoritative biography. (Louise Hilton)
Rugby Advertiser reports on the celebration of Charlotte's bicentenary organised by a local florist.
A Rugby florist has come up smelling of roses after a day of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of celebrated novelist and poet Charlotte Brontë.
Sue Ainley, who owns Garden Gate Flowers, joined nine other florists in the village of Haworth, West Yorkshire, to make floral installations.
“It was just wonderful to spend the day with such a talented group, using an amazing range of locally grown flowers and foliage,” she said.
“I already use as many British flowers as possible in all aspects of my work and this unique experience has certainly reinforced my belief that British is best.”
Working from the Old School Rooms where Charlotte taught, the ladies spent the day using British grown spring flowers to create floral displays in celebration of Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre.
The Telegraph and Argus features the Bradford Literature Festival (May 20-29) which will include
hundreds of events ranging from Harry Potter themed family days in City Park to discussions about the Brontë sisters with top historians. [...]
Other events are based on a wide variety of themes, including a cosplay workshop, based on the increasingly popular subculture of dressing up as fictional characters, a discussion titled How to Be a Feminist, multiple sessions looking at the Brontë sisters and their impact on modern society, performances of extracts of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the grounds of Bradford Cathedral and a study of the secret history of Islam and coffee. (Chris Young)
The West Australian describes ballet artistic director  Aurelien Scannella as
an imposing and somewhat brooding figure (more Brontë’s Heathcliff than Villeneuve’s Beast, it must be said) (Julie Hosking)
Unabridged Chick reviews Rita Maria Martinez's The Jane and Bertha in Me. Aleksandra Podstawka discusses loneliness in Brussels on The Brussels Brontë Blog. Hopelesss Book Addict reviews Jane Eyre.


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