Tuesday, March 08, 2016

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A new student companion to Jane Eyre has just been published:
Oxford Literature Companions: Jane Eyre
Student-friendly support for Jane Eyre.Author Alison Smith and Series Consultant Peter Buckroyd
Suitable for:  GCSE students (14-16)
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 978-0-19-835529-8

Oxford Literature Companions offer student-friendly support for GCSE set texts. This full colour guide to Jane Eyre is ideal for use in the classroom or as revision, providing insight into characters, themes and contexts, together with activities designed to prompt a closer analysis of the writer's language and techniques.

#Covers a range of popular GCSE drama and prose set texts
#Engaging analysis of texts, including pertinent coverage of plot, themes and context
#Detailed sections focusing on the writer's use of language, structure and dramatic techniques
#Varied and in-depth activities
#Comprehensive advice on assessment and practice exam-style questions
#A text-specific glossary covering key terms and concepts
#Ideal for use throughout the course, or as an aid to revision.


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