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A new bilingual (Italian/English) translation by Maddalena De Leo of Brontë juvenilia has just been published:
Storie di Geni e di Fate
by Charlotte Brontë
Edited and translated by Maddalena De Leo
L’ArgoLibro - La Penna dello Scrittore
ISBN: 978-88-98558-68-1

A great publishing initiative, that of "The ArgoLibro" which presents - for the first time translated into Italian – the following tales " An Adventure", "The Pursuit of Happiness" and "The Adventures of Ernest Alembert"  written by Charlotte Brontë when she was a teenager.
The translator, Professor Maddalena De Leo, took care of every detail of the publication, which occurs parallel English text and therefore particularly suitable for those who wish to compare the original and the translated version.
We are at the beginning of a special five-year period for the Brontë family, for various occasions, including in 2016 right the bicentenary of the birth of Charlotte, born on 21st April 1816 in Thornton, even if she lived in Haworth in Yorkshire.
Maddalena De Leo is a scholar particularly suitable for the care of this publication. A member of the Brontë Society since 1975, she is the representative of the Italian Section of the Brontë Society as well as editorial consultant for Italy of the literary magazine Brontë Studies.
Leafing through this book, we will enjoy the fascinating world "constructed" by the imagination of Charlotte, Emily, Anne and their brother Branwell, with the Young Men as protagonists, that’s to say the twelve soldiers given away a few years earlier by their father. It is definitely amazing, as pointed out by the same curator, that the mind of a fourteen year old could have imagined adventures so complex and rich in detail.
The second of the three stories brings, along with the main character, to seek and define the concept of happiness, something simple and within reach instead often go looking far away, while the third story makes us go on an exciting journey that brings between genes and fairies projecting us into a dream world. 

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