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Bookish Knits posts a selection of different Jane Eyre-inspired knitting patterns:
Jane Eyre Shawl   by Nikol Lohr

Image from the pattern page - not mine. Click here for the Jane Eyre Shawl of beauteous beauty.
Image from the pattern page
Now, I’ve knitted this shawl and wear it quite frequently, so I really should get some pictures up on the blog. Perhaps Jane herself would rather I didn’t show it off; it is functional like her with its faroese styling but it has a flourish of something special, too.

Rosamund’s Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz

Rosamund's Shawl - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit through pattern link
Yes, they’ve spelled her name wrong, but it comes up in a search for ‘Jane Eyre knits’ so it must be inspired by her. Regardless, Rosamond is one example of the wonderful characterisation in the novel; a bit part, she nonetheless has depth in her longing for St. John Rivers.

Wandering the Moor by Celeste Glassel

Wandering the Moor - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit through pattern link
Heartbroken and still on her feet, my favourite Jane is one who does nothing but survive. She leaves Rochester even if it nearly breaks her and she keeps going until she finds a new village, a new life which she carves out for herself. It’s in those chapters when she is wandering the moors that you truly see her worth.

Jane Eyre Tea Cosy by Loly Fuertes

Jane Eyre Tea Cosy - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit through pattern link
Though I’m not certain I could imagine Jane with such an extravagantly embroidered dress, I had to include this for the sheer fact that it’s adorable. Not usually a reaction I have around this book!

Mrs Rochester of Ferndean by Elizabeth Felgate

Mrs Rochester - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit through pattern link


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