Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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A new production of Polly Teale's Brontë opens tomorrow, October 22 in Norwich, UK:
Norwich Players present
By Polly Teale

Directed by Tony Fullwood
Maddermarket Theatre
Thu 22 Oct- Sat 31 Oct
Director: Tony Fullwood
With Lois Entwistle, Lucinda Bray, Sophie Bray, Alec Mann, Philip Rowe, Donna Triggs, Alec Mann.

Brontë explores how three Victorian sisters living in isolation on the Yorkshire moors, came to write some of the most powerful and passionate fiction of all time.
We see the real and imagined worlds of Charlotte, Emily and Anne as the fictional characters come to haunt their creators and how they are affected by their brother Branwell's descent into alcoholism and insanity.
Focusing on the lives of the 3 Brontë sisters and their brother and father, the relationships, often uneasy, are explored allowing the actors to step in and our of character as they tell ther story. From children making up stories to entertain themselves to Charlotte destroying Emily's novel, the script ooses drama and potential. Anyone remotely interested in the Brontës or epic Brechtian theatre should see this.


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