Monday, September 21, 2015

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Jackie Kay's latest pamphlet, The Empathetic Store,  contains a couple of Brontë-inspired poems. The Scottish poet and novelist was the 2013 Brontë Society Writer in Residence. The Herald reviews it:
The Empathetic Store
Jackie Kay
Mariscat Press
ISBN 0946588794
On the political front there is Extinction, a humorous and none-too-subtle riposte to Nigel Farage’s Little England mentality, and Would Jane Eyre Come To The Information Desk?, a surreal tale about identity and liberty. Kay shows a near perfect control of form while keeping her humour and political anger in a delicate balance. There are a couple of excellent sonnets but the most impressive poem returns to the Brontë family. Mr Bronte’s Fear Of Fire is about the wild visions of Patrick Brontë, the sad and disturbed brother of the literary sisters. (Nick Major)


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