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This new ebook explores one of those what-if in the Brontës biography. What if  "The Misses Brontë's Establishment for the Board and Education of a Limited Number of Young Ladies" had been a reality?
The Misses Brontë's Establishment
by Amy Wolf
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1515160289
Publisher: Kindle Press (August 11, 2015)
Publication Date: August 11, 2015

From the Author
I researched the lives of the Brontës for fifteen years, visiting the key Brontë sites in Haworth, as well as Anne's grave in Scarborough and their birthplace in Thornton.
Most of the events of the book follow the historical narrative of their lives.

From the Inside Flap
What if. . . Branwell Brontë had not died before Emily?
What if. . .Charlotte was able to marry her "Mr. Rochester"?
What if. . .the Misses Brontë's Establishment actually found a pupil:  one who is taught by three geniuses?

Meet Maria Shelby, the spoiled – and rich – daughter of an English knight. She has a habit of getting into trouble: at eighteen, she’s already been sacked from six schools. No one else will have her, except: The Misses Brontë’s Establishment in Haworth, a remote Yorkshire village. With time, Maria comes to appreciate the genius of her teachers: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.
Part suspense, part Victorian novel, this novel takes the reader on a profound literary journey along with young Maria.


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