Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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An example of recent Japanese scholar work on the Brontës:
ブロンテ小説における病いと看護 (Nursing and illness in Brontë novels)
Akiko Kawasaki
Publisher: 春風社 (2015/3/12)
ISBN-13: 978-4861104275


The list of chapters (via Google translator) gives an idea on what's the subject of the book:
Illness Ⅰ deployment of illness Chapter 1 disease physician in Brontë novel as a prologue blessing and reporting - from the plot and reporting value Chapter 2 romantic suffering in seven work to self-parody - Charlotte Brontë word of the transition Chapter 3 diagnosis and interpretation of Aporia - Chapter 4 nursing in Nelly controversy ⅱ Brontë novel "Wuthering Heights" nineteen century mid nurse industry - nurses, baby-sitter, domestic servants, tutor, beyond the mother Chapter 5 Komori Bessie - Jane Eyre is pioneers of Chapter 6 Florence-Nightingale until the ideal of the nurse - nurse who Chapter 7 pain of one case of "Shirley" - "loss of the mother" in the "Villette" Chapter 8 Anne - mothers who work in Brontë - nursing as "Agnes Grey" and "residents of wild Fell Hall" final chapter three sisters three-like illness


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