Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Ok, we have to report this. We suppose that there are people out there who really believe this stuff. We are not one of them. And this is all we have to say. It's less painful when it's quick.
John Lennon and the Brontë Connection 
by Jewelle St. James
St James Publisher
Paperback – July 1, 2015
ISBN: 978-0973275261
(A reworking with new 'findings' of The Lennon-Brontë Connection (2011)).

Is ex-Beatle John Lennon the reincarnation of the troubled Branwell Brontë, brother to England's most literary sisters? Did Branwell Brontë write part, or all, of Wuthering Heights? The untimely death of John Lennon in 1980 prompted Jewelle St. James to investigate life after death and other spiritual phenomena. Research spanning three decades, and ten journeys to England, from Canada, was necessary to uncover past-life mysteries and their often surprising connections.
The John Lennon Examiner has a priceless review:
The similarities between Branwell and Lennon are striking, in appearance, personality and life story. Both were artists of course--both loved to write stories and do drawings. But that's just the beginning. The focus of the story is still more heavily weighted on Branwell than Emily; but if Jewelle St. James really is the reincarnation of Emily, she is following a soul trait. Biographical sources describe Emily as shy, forever in the background, never one to toot her own horn. So it is with this book, as Jewelle becomes more accepting of the notion that she might have been Emily, but still reticent, by the end of the book. (Shelley Germeaux)
Reticent. Oook. *grin*