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Mostly remembered for his John Steed in the mythical spy-fi British series The Avengers (1961-69), Patrick MacNee (1922-2015), he was also linked to the Brontës after life in TV with two of the first BBC productions which featured the Brontës or their works:
The Brontës
BBC Television, 2 November 1947 20.30

A play by Alfred Sangster
The action takes place in the parlour at Haworth Parsonage, the salon of the Pensionnat Heger, the offices of Smith, Elder and Co., Cornhill, London, and covers a period from 1841 to 1860.
In the apocryphal meeting of Charlotte and Anne with Thackeray and Lewes, the author hopes to be forgiven for juggling a little with the dates of some of the publications referred to.

Author: Alfred Sangster
Producer: Harold Clayton
The Rev Patrick Bronte: W.E. Holloway
Charlotte Brontë: Barbara Mullen
Emily Brontë: Jean Forbes-Robertson
Anne Brontë: Dorothy Gordon
Miss Branwell: Winifred Willard
Tabitha: Marie Ault
Branwell Brontë: Hugh Burden
Rev William Weightman: Patrick Macnee
Mme Heger: Nuna Davey
Monsieur Heger: Sydney Tafler
William M. Thackeray: William Wightman
George Henry Lewes: Oliver Burt
George Smith: Derek Elphinstone
W. S. Williams: Charles Lloyd Pack
Office Boy: Michael Dear
Rev Arthur Bell Nicholls: R. Stuart Lindsell
Miss Wooler: Josephine Middleton
Wuthering Heights
BBC Television, 7 March 1948 20.30

Author: Emily Brontë
Dramatisation by: John Davison
Additional dialogue by: Alfred Sangster
Adapted for television and produced by: George More O'Ferrall

Heathcliff: Kieron Moore
Catherine Earnshaw: Katharine Blake
Ellen Dean: Christine Lindsay
Edgar Linton: Patrick MacNee
Hindley Earnshaw: Andre Morell
Joseph: Alfred Sangster
Isabella Linton: Annabel Maule
Catherine Linton: Vivian Pickles
Hareton Earnshaw: Douglas Hurn
Curiously, Barbara Mullen who played Charlotte Brontë in the The Brontës 1947, played Jane Eyre in a  September 29, 1948 broadcast of a Helen Jerome adaptation of the novel.


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