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Another recent scholar book with Brontë-related content:
Queer Victorian Families
Curious Relations in Literature
Edited by Duc Dau, Shale Preston
Routledge – 2015 – 220 pages
Series: Routledge Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature
ISBN: 978-1-13-879245-6

The Victorians elevated the home and heteronormative family life to an almost secular religion. Yet alongside the middle-class domestic ideal were other families, many of which existed in the literature of the time. Queer Victorian Families: Curious Relations in Literature is chiefly concerned with these atypical or "queer" families. This collection serves as a corrective against limited definitions of family and is The Woman in White, to male kinship within and across Alfred Tennyson’s In Memoriam and Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, and the nexus between disability and loving relationships in the fiction of Dinah Mulock Craik and Charlotte M. Yonge. Queer Victorian Families is a wide-ranging and theoretically adventurous exposé of the curious relations in the literary family tree.
a timely addition to Victorian studies. Interdisciplinary in nature, the collection opens up new possibilities for uncovering submerged, marginalized, and alternative stories in Victorian literature. Broad in scope, subjects range from Count Fosco and his animal "children" in Wilkie Collins’s
It contains: 8. Reading on the Contrary: Cousin Marriage, Mansfield Park, and Wuthering Heights by Talia Schaffer


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