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According to Bustle, Jane Eyre 2006 is one of '6 Movies Every Jane Austen Fans Needs To Watch'.
This choice may be controversial—there are many adaptations of Jane Eyre out there, and they all have their flaws (I think that Jane Eyre is inherently difficult to adapt, but that is a topic for another post). However, this adaptation is my favorite, despite some of the downright silly alterations it makes to the novel’s plot. I like it for two reasons: First, Ruth Wilson is fantastic as Jane, hitting just the right balance of vulnerable and feisty. Second, in this version, Jane and Mr. Rochester (played by Toby Stephens) have really good chemistry; in short, they are sexy together. As a viewer, I want them to make out and be happy, in spite of all the reasons they shouldn’t.
Also, Toby Stephens is quite nice to look at in this movie. (One could argue that his attractiveness is problematic because Mr. Rochester is supposed to be ugly, but, frankly, I don’t care.) (Lara Rutherford-Morrison)
This is how USA Today's Happy Ever After describes the YA novel Suspicion by Alexandra Monir:
A contemporary, paranormal Gothic romance that blends Downton Abbey with Victoria Holt, Charlotte Brontë and a little Cassandra Clare, this book is one to curl up with on a cold night ... as long as you are willing to be creeped out a little when the sun goes down. *winks* If you have any YA fans on your holiday shopping list who enjoy a good mystery with a little magic and a full dose of romance, this is the gift you've been looking for! (Serena Chase)
Also in USA Today publishes an interview with Scarlet Blackwell:
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I've read this book maybe five times or more. I guess I'm attracted to the anti-hero Heathcliff and I shamelessly admit he's the role model for all my heroes. Dark, dangerous and delicious. No one can say they've truly read romance until they've read this book.
While She Knows looks at The Bachelor's contestants. Apparently one of them
says if she could be any fictional character, she'd be Jane Eyre because, "She's admirable, a heroine that relies on herself to get back on her feet. She's complex and passionate." (Jessica Hickam)
The Little Library Café posts a recipe of Mince Pies à la Jane Eyre.


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