Thursday, October 09, 2014

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We present today two different approaches to the Brontë opus. First, a long term work-in-progress:
Bethumped Theatre Dance
Wuthering Heights

Read more about the project on our blog page & on our Wuthering Heights research-book containing photos, pictures, context and much, much more.

Conceived in the form of scrappy and sketchy ideas in 2011-2012, 2014 sees the fermentation of these into a more structured and achieveable goal. Jude (director) and Kat (dramaturg) are beginning the journey of creating a literary dramatization of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. The process will involve R & D, workshops, on-location research, staged readings, scratch performance and more, over a period of years. The aim, ultimately, is to present a full production for the 200th anniversary of Emily Brontë’s birth in 2018 (born: 30/7/1818).

We hope this lengthy period of development will give room and space for the creative team and cast members to breathe, to think, to experiment and to bring the novel to life without feeling rushed. The aim is to give the novel the time and space it deserves, and to really do it justice.

Throughout this process the opportunity will be there to explore and delve into the structure, narrative, language, character, body, physical states, accents, atmosphere and space, environment, architecture and much, much more. Not least, it will allow us to research and shed light upon the world which gave birth to the novel, from the gothic and Romantic influences, the German philosophical texts, the writer’s father and family, the influences of classical tragedy and Shakespeare.

British theatre, unlike other parts of the world, rarely allows for such a period of development, but Bethumped wants to challenge the commonly fast-paced production cycle and take Wuthering Heights in its stride.
And Lisa-Marie Kasper presents on kwerfeldein an 'interpretation' of Jane Eyre as a modern photonovel: J.E.
Heute morgen habe ich Euch hinter die Kulissen meiner Serienerstellung von „J. E.“ blicken lassen und gezeigt, wieviel Herzblut, Gedanken, Ideen und auch Hilfe von Freunden und Bekannten sich dahinter verbergen. Nun darf ich Euch meine komplette Serie mit einer kurzen Zusammenfassung der Ereignisse des Romans „Jane Eyre“ von Charlotte Brontë hier vorstellen.


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