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Today, October 13, in Ponden Hall. A workshop on compelling portraiture photograpy:
Compelling Portraiture - A Creative Residential in Wuthering Heights
A site-specific residential photography training experience
13th – 15th October 2014

A creative residential in the real Wuthering Heights aimed at those who are passionate about exploring and learning more about creating stunning Portrait
Photography/Lifestyle/Dramatic Imagery and Story/Fashion based images.

Led by Carolyn Mendelsohn
Winner of Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 – Lifestyle

“I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they’ve gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.” Emily Brontë
Location: Ponden Hall, Haworth, BD22 0HR, England
Arrival: 4pm Monday 13th October ending at 5pm 15th October 2014

An amazing experience for those who love their photography, love portraiture, love history and a good classic.
A two day residential in the most – and I mean the most amazing and unique place. A place frequented by Emily Brontë, who often used the library in the house, and reputed to be where she based the story of Wuthering Heights. As part of these two days the small and select group of participants will stay in this beautiful, wild and wuthering building and experience the following.

Arrival day – 4pm. Cream Tea and a tour of Ponden Hall putting the two days in context. Meeting the facilitators and finding out more about how the days will work.

Evening Free time with personal mentoring and portfolio review tailored to where you are now to be arranged.

Day One:
First light photoshoot. (optional) - Get out on those blustery moors as the sun comes up and take sublime pictures

Workshop on Portrait and Lifestyle photography with a practical on location Portrait and Lifestyle shoot
There will also be individual and group exercises to play creatively as well as develop your skills
A Portrait and Lifestyle shoot facilitated by Carolyn Mendelsohn
Evening screening of Wuthering Heights (hopefully outdoor projection) – with hot chocolate and snacks.

Day Two
A possible visit to Haworth with an expert setting the scene for Wuthering Heights.
A workshop on creating dramatic and compelling photographs
Meet the make up Artist and Location Stylist. Question and Answer session.
Followed by an amazing on location Wuthering Heights Fashion/Themed shoot.


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