Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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Apparently there is a new Wuthering Heights film adaptation going on. It's a small US independent production. The alma mater of the project seems to be Bryan Ferriter (Interwoven Studios) who directs, writes and probably plays Heathcliff. Jasmin Jandreau was recently cast as Cathy as we read on Backstage:
After auditioning via the Web, she was chosen over 500 other actors.
Jandreau’s character is the heroine of the gothic romance, in addition to being the great love of the narrative’s protagonist, Heathcliff. The film is shooting through October in Montana, which Jandreau calls “a mystical vastness of space, rolling hills, and mountains. It’s the perfect location for filming ‘Wuthering Heights,’ and we have already done a lot of the horse-riding scenes! I love horses and I love riding, so this project fulfills me as an actor and human being.” (Briana Rodriguez)


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