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The Guardian on novelists acting in films:
[A]nd – possibly the most appealing of all – Roland Barthes as Thackeray in a French film in which Isabelle Adjani, Isabelle Huppert and Marie-France Pisier played the Brontë sisters. (John Dugdale)
It seems that Susan M. Wyler's Solsbury Hill is a hit in the Lehigh Valley. The Morning Call lists the local best-sellers:
2. Solsbury Hill
By Susan M. Wyler (Riverhead Books, $16)
The windswept moors of England, a grand estate and a love story of one woman caught between two men who love her powerfully — all inspired by Emily Brontë's beloved classic, "Wuthering Heights." "Solsbury Hill" brings the legend of Catherine and Heathcliff, and that of their mysterious creator herself into a contemporary love story that unlocks the past.
Peninsula Daily News informs of a singular initiative at the Olympic National Park (Washington, US): poetry walks:
Along with Silverstein and Oliver, trail users will find the words of Gary Snyder, Carlos Castaneda, Ogden Nash and Emily Brontë on these signs, which will be up through May 31. (Diane Urbani de la Paz)
The New Indian Express interviews the writer Ruskin Bond:
Which are the books you think every child must read while growing up?
For teenagers, I think Wuthering Heights is a great book.  (Supriya Sharma)
The State (South Carolina) talks about the local author Cassandra King:
"I'm the kind of person if I like a book, I will read it over and over and over. As a teenager, when I read 'Jane Eyre,' I lost myself in that book. It spoke to me on so many levels." King said.
In Charlotte Bronte's Victorian-era classic, passionate and determined protagonist Eyre battles various hardships while bucking traditional views of gender and class. (Erin Shaw)
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Maksquibs Cinematheque posts about Wuthering Heights 1939; fine eyes posts a gif with the ending of Jane Eyre 2011.


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