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The Independent (Ireland) interviews writer Roisin Meaney and asks her about her favourite books when young:
What were your favourite books? Lolita was on the reading list for school and I was just floored by that novel. I also loved Brideshead Revisited and Wuthering Heights. (John Costello)
According to the New Zealand Herald, fashion designer Kate Sylvester tends to derive inspiration from books.
Fashion designer Kate Sylvester is a keen reader: several of her past collections have had literary inspirations - from Jane Eyre to Love in a Cold Climate to Brighton Rock - and the spectacles in her range are named after favourite book characters. (Zoe Walker)
El siglo de Torreón (Mexico) tries to write a short account of the life of Daphne du Maurier but the result is appalling - truly a mess.
El portal citó que Du Maurier, se vio envuelta en una acusación de plagio con la novela "Rebeca", ya que se aseguró que era una copia del argumento de "Jane Eyre", obra de Charlotte Br". Sin embargo, este hecho fue desmentido. [...]
En cuanto a su trabajo biográfico, escribió la vida de su padre en 1934, la del novelista y poeta Anne Brontë (1820-1849), así como su obra autobiográfica "El cuaderno de Rebeca y otros recuerdos", escrita cuando tenía 70 años. (Translation)
They get Anne and Branwell Brontë mixed up to the point of erroneously saying Daphne du Maurier wrote a biography of Anne Brontë but still calling her a 'he'. And elsewhere in the article it is said that her novel 'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again' was one of the key books of her generation! Rebecca is mentioned quite separately from that. It's so easy to get things right in a couple of minutes of research these days that this kind of article is quite incomprehensible.

Una ciliegia tira l'altra writes about Jane Eyre in Italian. The Bluebeard in Rochester is analysed on That Lit Site. La Vie=Film reviews Wuthering Heights 2009.


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