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3rd Literary Prize De Leo-Brontë 2014 Results

For the third time a National Literary prize dedicated to the Brontës, their lives, works and places was organized in Italy by Prof. Maddalena De Leo with success.

Entries had to be:    
 1) poems about the Brontës
 2)  A page of diary: How did you start to love (or hate) the Brontë sisters?
 3) An imaginary question (and its answer) to a member of the Brontë family or to one of the Brontë characters.

Prof. Maddalena De Leo and other Italian Brontë scholars chose the first three winners of each section as follows:

The three winning poetry 2014 entries are:
1) Jane by  Aurora Cantini  from Nembro Bergamo (BG)
(As on a parchment, all Jane’s tribulations and joys are listed in a highly poetical way)                                
2) Non Ti Temo Vento Crudele  by  Francesca Santucci  from Dalmine (BG)
(  Emily speaks with the wind considering it both a cruel enemy and a dear friend)
3) Scrivendo Villette  by  Maria Rosaria Surico  from  Bari
(Charlotte’s feelings and suffering while writing her last wonderful novel)

The     winning  entry  2014 for ‘A page of Diary’  is :
La Pazienza di Emily  by   Anna Valeria Cipolla d’Abruzzo
( Emily Brontë’s book waited a lot of years to be read by the author but when this happened it was a  joy to last for a lifetime)

The winning  entry  2014  for  ‘An imaginary question/answer to the Brontës or their characters’  is :
Introduzione, Domanda, Risposta a Jane Eyre  by   Adua Biagioli
(The question is about Jane’s memories of Lowood and what feelings she had regarding Eternity then as a little girl  and has now  as a grown woman)

The five winners have been given Brontë DVDs and bookmarks as prizes.
The anthology ‘BRONTËANA’ containing the works sent by the authors for the prize will be edited and published in a short time by Prof. De Leo. 


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