Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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It's a while since we last saw a Jane Eyre analogy in politics. Here's one from Haaretz (Israel):
Netanyahu has not yet responded in any detail to Flug’s first annual report, so it’s unclear how this story will unfold. Will Flug become Jane Eyre to Netanyahu’s Rochester? Given their shaky start, no-one should sign up Fran Drescher to star in the movie version just yet. (Matthew Kalman)
Horror Talk reviews the 1997 film The Creeps where apparently
there is a scene where the head librarian (Kristin Norton) masturbates using an original copy of Jane Eyre. (Ilan Sheady)
This columnist from Slate hated shopping so she got a virtual personal shopper:
The next question was even worse. “How would you characterize your personal style?” The options: “bohemian chic,” “classic,” “glamorous,” “romantic,” “casual chic,” “edgy,” or “preppy.” I didn’t really know what these meant, either. “Bohemian chic” sounded like a sign in an Urban Outfitters window. “Romantic” evoked the look of a Jane Austen or Brontë character. What resulted was a very long and somewhat pointless Google image search. (Alison Griswold)
eNews Park Forest features a local student who picks Wuthering Heights as one of her favourite books. The Brontë Parsonage Facebook page shows both a sketch completed by Anne Brontë when she was 9 and Branwell Brontë's wallet, his only personal possession in the whole collection.


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