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Author Joanne Harris, a Yorkshirewoman herself, writers about the wonderful literary heritage of Yorkshire in the National Post.
The fact is, I like it here. And when my London friends come to stay, they are often astonished by what they find. Yorkshire is amazingly diverse, rich in heritage and culture. My neighbours, among many, are: the Brontës; Sylvia Plath; David Hockney; Ted Hughes; Alan Bennett; Bruce Chatwin; W.H. Auden; Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. 
The Mountain Xpress features Amy Greene. whose first novel Bloodroot was described as
a Southern Appalachian Wuthering Heights (Rich Rennicks)
Lane Hill House asks writer Anita Higman about the inspiration behind her novel Home at Last.
The inspiration came from watching the latest movie version of Jane Eyre over and over and over. I love that story. I read Jane Eyre a few months ago, and I was truly awed by Charlotte Brontë’s writing. I high recommend it if you’ve never read this masterpiece.
Lo Spazio Bianco (Italy) interviews Marianna Martino, who collaborated with Sicks in the creation of a digital graphic novel adaptation of Jane Eyre.
L’anno scorso avete iniziato a pubblicare la collana “I Bignè” sorta di bignami letterari a fumetti, illustrati da Sicks, giovane artista romana. Da cosa è scaturita l’idea di questa iniziativa e com’è stata accolta dal pubblico? I Bignè sono stati un modo per testare, pian piano, se c’era interesse a leggere fumetti in formato digitale. C’era. C’è. Conta che i primi titoli (Orgoglio e pregiudizio, La sirenetta e Jane Eyre) sono dedicati a un pubblico prettamente femminile e ricorda che Jane Austen non passa mai di moda, quindi la risposta è stata davvero molto, molto positiva. (David Padovani) (Translation)
The Spanish writer Olivia Ardey seems to be quite a fan of Jane Eyre, at least according to this interview from Hola's El Primer Marcapáginas (Spain).
P.- ¿Cuáles son tus libros de referencia, esos títulos imprescindibles a los que siempre volverías? R.-Los cuentos que me acompañaron durante la infancia y a los que debo mi pasión por el género corto, de los Grimm, Andersen, Alphonse Daudet, Selma Lagerloff y Oscar Wilde. El libro que siempre está en mi mesilla de noche, desde hace más de 30 años, es “Jane Eyre” de Charlotte Brönte [sic]; cada vez que lo releo descubro algo nuevo en la novela y los personajes. (Pedro Brotini Villa) (Translation)
Third Sector clarifies that 'Investment is more complex now than in the time of Jane Eyre'.
In times gone by, Mr Rochester (in the novel Jane Eyre) would use government debt 'consols' as the safe and, for most, only practical investment. The Joint Stock Companies Act 1844 allowed larger numbers of companies to be incorporated - heralding an era when everyone could share in the rewards and risks of investment. Over time we seemed to have more confidence that a reasonable return could be achieved with low risk - but this has not been the case over recent years. So how should a charity decide to invest, and is it worth paying an investment manager? (Peter Gotham)
This is what the Business of Fashion thinks of Alexander McQueen's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection:
The first thought that popped into the mind upon seeing the set for the Autumn/Winter 2014 Alexander McQueen show was the film Wuthering Heights and the cold wind-swept Yorkshire Moors. While that thought didn’t exactly pan out in the show, the dark romantic sentiments did. (Jessica Michault)
Don't miss the curatorial intern at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, Lauren Livesey, on BBC Radio Leeds (starting at 1 hour 49 minutes) on the Wonderful West Yorkshire section of he Martin Kelner programme (via the Brontë Parsonage Facebook page). The Brontë Parsonage Facebook page also reminds readers that spring is just around the corner as evidenced by the snowdrops in bloom in the Parsonage garden.

Mulholland Drive! That's Where I was Going! posts a Wuthering Heights 1939 gif.


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