Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Wuthering Heights enters the realm of trance music, (orchestral uplifting subgenre) with this recently released track by Simon O'Shine:

Flux BMP reviews the track:
Future Sound of Egypt is not just a label is a whole concept and way of life. The top trance label owned by Aly & Fila service the next big anthem that any uplifting trance lover will feel extremely happy to dance along and own of course. The latest precious trance jewel is called Wuthering Heights and is produced by the brilliant Polish trance master Simon O'Shine. Its pure euphoric uplifting trance straight to the point that respects the codes and conventions of the beloved music style and delivers a masterpiece that has real energy and power with long emotional breakdown to touch you deep inside. Powerful heavy drum beats, rough hard kicks and driving hi-nrg basslines with cinematic soundscapes on top along with balearic guitar riffs. The breakdown is extremely long with piano melody that calm your senses and makes you dream and trance instantly and orchestral classical music influences as well. If you close your eyes with hands in the air I'm pretty sure that you can see with the eyes of your soul millions of mental images. The climax is euphoric to the maximum with opera style vocals, colourful synths, optimistic piano melodies and solid beats that will carry you away for an emotional journey as trance music meant to do of course. (Dimitri Kechagias)


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