Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Here's a Brontë-related tiny detail connected to current world news. The Globe and Mail reports that the 'Ukrainian opposition movement has its own library':
And tucked away in a corner of the basement is the Bisovetskyis’ library. The shelves, donated by a friend, are neatly lined with detective stories, travel guides, National Geographic magazines, children’s books, philosophy texts and classics such as Mina Laury by Charlotte Brontë, in English. All the books have been donated in the past few days and a couple of librarians stopped by to organize everything.
The couple can barely keep up with the demand for the books and the amount of donations. Their selection now includes books in Ukrainian, English, Russian and Turkish, and each is stamped “Maidan Library.” Books can be taken out for any length of time and borrowers get a candy when they bring them back. “We needed some incentive,” said Mr. Bisovetskyi. (Paul Waldie)
We don't know about Mina Laury being a classic, though.

In the meantime, a reader of the Corriere della Sera questions the methods of teaching English in Italy by wondering,
Letture consigliate, rivedibili: a un 16 maschio Jane Eyre può davvero interessare? (Luca Marchi) (Translation)
And we wonder back, why not?

Gazeta (Poland) looks at a recent translation of Wuthering Heights. The Misfortune of Knowing writes about the novel as well and The Revision Ward posts about the WH family tree. Overthinking it has an article on Jane Eyre and recent 'fantasy monster mash-ups'. Les soeurs Brontë posts in French about the Brontës' piano. Leituras Brontëanas reviews Juliet Gael's Romancing Miss Brontë in Portuguese. Dollsome-does-tumblr posts a collage comparing Jane Eyre 2011 and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.


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