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Vida Winter's Brontë shelf
The Telegraph reviews the BBC Two adaptation of Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale:
Thus [Christopher Hampton's] screenplay required the terrifically subtle Olivia Colman to utter the ridiculous opening line “Is this the Moors?” as she was being driven through an instantly recognisable windswept landscape. When it turned out, minutes later, that her character had written “a celebrated biography of the Brontë sisters” the idea that she wouldn’t recognise the Yorkshire Moors when she saw them became even more absurd. (...) [Vanessa] Redgrave was in magnificently regal style, reclining on her couch, sipping liquid morphine, a seductive and slippery storyteller. Her lips wrinkling cruel and tender by turns, Winter told of red-haired twin girls raised amid incest, murder and suicide in a crumbling old pile. The ghosts of Miss Havisham, Norma Desmond and Mrs Rochester danced knowingly around the edges of her performance.
The celebrated Brontë sisters biography that Vida Winter wouldn't
 dream of reading looks a lot like Juliet Barker's one.
The Independent is not so incisive:
The ghost story within the story was good too, a sort of amalgam of The Innocents and Village of the Damned with a bit of Jane Eyre thrown in. (Ellen E. Jones)
The Times also references Jane Eyre in its review of the adaptation.

Nevertheless, we still think that the bigger influence in the novel is Tom Tryon's excellent The Other.

The Telegraph & Argus talks about Great British Railway Journeys. Its fifth season contains a Haworth episode:
Haworth and Oakworth are set to feature in a television series exploring Britain’s relationship with the railways.
The Brontë Parsonage Museum and the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway will appear in an episode of Great British Railway Journeys, presented by former Conservative politician Michael Portillo.
The programme, which will include footage from Haworth and also Oakworth Railway Station, will be broadcast on BBC Two at 6.30pm on Thursdaym, January 9. Professor Ann Sumner, executive director of the Brontë Society, said the filming took place in May.
She added: “I did an interview with Michael about the Brontës’ relationship with the railways, and his visit has prompted us to have a new display on this subject in 2014. Mr Portillo was charming, very enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to welcome him.”
She said the interview examined subjects such as the Brontës’ experience of travelling by rail, Branwell Brontë’s stint as a railway employee and the role the railway played in making Haworth a tourist destination.
We agree with Vanessa Dunne in The Huffington Post, smart is still sexy:
Yes, reading books and reading the politics section of The Huffington Post will make you feel better about yourself because you actually know what's going on in the world around you. You can have discussions with peers about world affairs, the current state of the government or about how you just finished reading Jane Eyre.
The Orange County Register visits the local coffee shop Ink & Bean where
Decorative library card trays line the walls and each is labeled with a literary giant – Jack London, Charlotte Bronte, Tom Wolfe, Oscar Wilde, Henry James. (Keith Sharon)
Kirkintilloch Herald gives details of the upcoming Glasgow Film Festival:
The full programme of films - screening between February 20 and March 2 - will be launched on January 22.But organisers have announced a few of the strands - including a focus on Chilean movies and more pop-up cinema after the success of a number of site-specific screenings last year.
There will also be showings of all the Best Picture Oscar nominees of 1939 - arguably Hollywood’s greatest year ever.
The classic films include ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Goodbye, Mr Chips’, ‘Mr Smith Goes to Washington’, and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. (David Hepburn)
El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain) talks about yesterday's broadcast of Jane Eyre 2011 on Spanish TV:
Realitzada sota pavelló britànic, el nord-americà Cary Fukunaga ('Sin nombre') torna el relat original de Charlotte Brontë als dominis atmosfèrics d''Alma rebelde', una de les primeres i més preades adaptacions de la novel·la de Brontë, amb Orson Welles i Joan Fontaine en els papers que ara representen Mia Wasikowska, excel·lent en la seva fragilitat, i Michael Fassbender, perfecte en el turment que el corroeix. És, sobretot, una pel·lícula d'atmosfera, tan plàstica com torbadora, en què importen els personatges i les tensions a què s'enfronten, però sobretot els silencis i els gemecs que se senten a la mansió dels Rochester, els dubtes en penombra i l'altivesa en una història tan romàntica i malaltissament romàntica com deliciosament aspra. (Translation)
Several news outlets publish the film ratings:
En Antena 3, la película Jane Eyre anotó un 13,1%, con 2.513.000 espectadores. (Translation)
By the way, you can read on Storify the complete Q&A with the film's production designer Will Hughes-Jones organised by @BBCFilms on Twitter.

daringtodo (Italy) recommends Il Libro di Adele  by Ermanno Rea:
Chiusa nell’appartamento della nonna invita lettori, presta volumi, e soprattutto attende, nottetempo, gli incontri con i suoi personaggi più amati – non gli scrittori, i personaggi: Emma Bovary, Clarissa, Jane Eyre, Madame Chau- chat, Nathan, Tristram, il capitano Achab, don Giovanni. (Translation)
Graphomania (Italy) discusses sequels:
Quanto ai prequel, forse ne esistono meno, ma tra quelli più noti ricordiamo – sebbene siano lontanissimi tra loro – Il grande mare dei Sargassi di Jean Rhys, “risposta” postcoloniale a Jane Eyre di Charlotte Brönte (sic) che narra con ogni evidenza la storia della prima signora Rochester, però senza mai citarla direttamente[.] (Roby)
A local Saint Louis wedding that featured readings of Jane Eyre in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch; The Telegraph informs that Wuthering Heights 2011 can now be found in Netflix; the film is reviewed on Film ForagerFrom the Recamier reviews The Brontë Myth by Lucasta Miller; Adventures with words posts about Minae Mizumura's A True Novel; The Autobiography of Jane Eyre's crowdfunding indiegogo campaign has arrived almost to $10000 and still four days to go; Bookish Wimsy reviews Jane, Le Renard et Moi; manarnia shares her vision on St John's character.


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