Monday, January 31, 2011

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New covers of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights:
1. The French singer and composer, Claire Joseph:
'Wuthering Heights' (originally from Kate Bush) covered by Claire Joseph on piano.
Recorded on January 2011.
Video credits : SoHappyTeam
2. The Brazilian soprano Vânia Mello:
Vânia Mello em Wuthering Heights, composição de Kate Bush sobre a obra intitulada no Brasil "O morro dos Ventos Uivantes" de Emily Brontë.

And last, but not least, composer Frédéric Chaslin, author of a new opera version of Wuthering Heights with libretto by P.H. Fisher (check previous posts for more information) has uploaded a new video with a piano version of one of the themes of the opera:
Gypsy Dance from Wuthering Heights
Composed in Tokyo, November 2010 and performed by Frédéric Chaslin, this is the piano solo version of the original orchestra dance for the opera "Wuthering Heights" by F. Chaslin on the libretto by P.H Fisher, recorded in New York, Jan 2011
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