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The Maneater has an article on The Feminist Club at Missouri University.
The book club is also trying to spread awareness of feminist authors and novels students would not normally read, such as Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters whose work was not appreciated at the time it was written. (Harriet White)
It is indeed a good idea, but we are quite surprised to see the Brontë books - part of many school curriculums all over the world - categorised as novels that 'students would not normally read'. Not for themselves, that's correct, but many do read them in school.

See below for instance the influence of Wuthering Heights in pop culture in just today's newsround.

The Plain Dealer reviews Kody Keplinger's first novel The Duff.
Before it's over, Bianca has compared herself to another timeless fictional character, Emily Brontë's feckless Cathy, and Wesley to Heathcliff. (Andrea Simakis)
Singer Richard Thompson also admits to being influenced by Wuthering Heights. As seen in The American-Statesman:
A native Londoner of Scots descent, Thompson has actually lived in Southern California for many years.
‘I don't use it as a landscape for my songs. I suppose I read too much Emily Bronte when I was a kid. Everything is on a windswept moor somewhere.' (Parry Gettelman)
Weekly Volcano uses Heathcliff for offering advice:
Men sometimes make extravagant gestures for love. Heathcliff wandered the moors calling Cathy's name until he froze to death. (Amy Alkon)
Steph Su Reads interviews Clare B. Dunkle, author of The House of Dead Maids (watch out for our review tomorrow!).

Also on the blogosphere, Grace Laughs and Lu's Bloody Big Book Blog post about Wuthering Heights.

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