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We are very glad to present the first ever translation of Jane Eyre to Tajik. From a press release of the Tajikistan British Embassy:
The British Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan has provided financial support to a project of the NGO “Istiqbol” for the translation and publishing of the classic British novel “Jane Eyre” written by the famous English author Charlotte Brontë, translated from English into Tajik language. The project introduces Tajik readers to another treasure of world literature benefitting many collections of Tajik libraries. On 11 May 2010, representatives of relevant agencies, media outlets, poets and writers were invited to a presentation on the book, which was held in the House of the Writers’ Union of Tajikistan.

During the presentation, well-known Tajik writers, poets and public figures expressed their enthusiasm for the project and assessed it as a very significant one for Tajikistan. The British Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr Trevor Moore noted “The book was written in Yorkshire, a beautiful but not rich part of England, perhaps a little like Tajikistan.” He hoped that “Jane Eyre” in the Tajik language would bring Tajik and English readers closer together.

Funds provided by the British Embassy allowed the printing of 5,000 copies of the book, out of which 2,500 copies have already been donated to libraries in many remote districts of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The funding for these projects has come from the British Embassy's Bilateral Programme Budget, which during the last financial year has supported projects in areas such as climate change, environmental protection, human rights, development of local media and water supply in rural areas.
The translator according to is the Tajik poet Salimi Zarafshonfar.

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