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Sunday, February 21, 2010

An alert from Ontario, Canada. Auditions for a local production of Gordon & Caird's Jane Eyre. A Musical Drama:
The Youth Theatre Coalition is holding auditions for their upcoming musical production:

Jane Eyre

Youth Director: Taylor Gammon, Mentor Director: Corey LaPointe
Musical Director: Sandy Bainbridge

February 21, 23, 24, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
At St. Mary’s High School, 555 15th St. E. Owen Sound
Production Dates: May 19 - 22
(Morning and Evening Productions)

The Youth Theatre Coalition is looking to cast:
2 Principal Roles (1 female, 1 male)
20 Supporting Roles (13 female, 9 male)
4 Young Supporting Roles (3 female, 1 male)
10 Female Chorus Roles
3 General Chorus Roles

Come prepared with a song of your choice. (Sheet music is not required, but it is always acceptable and welcomed). Auditions are a no pressure situation!

*The Youth Theatre Coalition is a youth-specific theatre company; therefore all people auditioning must be ages 10-20.
Romance Bandits interviews author Janet Mullany who announces the forthcoming release of an erotic e-novella inspired by Jane Eyre: Reader, I Married Him.
What’s next for Janet Mullany?
This year is a huge writing/publishing year for me. I have an e-novella coming out next month from Loose-Id, Reader, I Married Him, which is a dirty riff on Jane Eyre. (Christie Kelly)
On her website she defines the novella like this:
March, 2010 from Loose-Id. What if it was Mr. Rochester chained up in the attic? An erotic e-novella based on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Reader I Married Him.
The Macomb Daily tries to convice its readership that March is a great time to read:
What a hoot it would have been to have met authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Charlotte Bronte or Laura Ingalls Wilder or to have attended the midnight release of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" or Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms." (Gina Joseph)
Our Prattville interviews actress and author Carolyn Hennesy,
Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): What authors have inspired you in your writing?
Carolyn Hennesy: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Edith Wharton, the Brontes, Jane Austin, to name a few.
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette recommends the Wuthering Heights edition with cover by Ruben Toledo, the same edition which Åsa Carlsson – Liberal posts about (in Swedish), dagelijks iets degelijks posts about Charlotte Brontë in Dutch, June H. is reading (but is not very convinced) Villette, Advanced Gaming & Theory considers Emily Brontë an author of influence, Dani's Daily Drop talks about Wuthering Heights from the perspective of a Twilight reader, The Reading Life reviews Wide Sargasso Sea 1992.

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