Thursday, December 11, 2008

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A couple of weeks ago, the Penguin Blog surprised us with outwardly revamped editions of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (and other 10 classic novels, including Cranford or Sense and Sensibility) with simply beautiful hardback covers designed by artist Coralie Bickford-Smith.

The edition of Jane Eyre is the 2006 one edited by Stevie Davies. And the edition of Wuthering Heights is by Pauline Nestor with an introduction by Lucasta Miller.

So, if you know a Brontëite who seems to collect more and more editions of the same novel and who has a soft spot for gorgeous covers these two sound like the ideal gift. The can only be purchased through Waterstones's bookshops and its online shop: Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

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