Thursday, June 19, 2008

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CityPulse reports that Alec Nagy has won a 2008 Pulsar Award for his part in Lansing's stage version of Jane Eyre:
Best Supporting Actor – Play (Community)
Alec Nagy
“Jane Eyre”
Lansing Community College
Perhaps Plymouth's (MA, USA) Theater at the Beach thespians will be just as good. From WickedLocal:
[Geronimo] Sands hopes the next show will attract teenage actors.
This show, he said, was a toss-up between two classic romantic novels by the Bronte sisters – Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre.
Sands chose Wuthering Heights for the romance, the tragedy and the emotion of Emily Bronte’s characters.
Rehearsals for Wuthering Heights begin Aug. 4 and run through Aug. 14. The show will be performed Aug. 15, 16, 22 and 23. (Casey Meserve)
Still on stage, the Bradenton Herald has an article on yet another production of The Mystery of Irma Vep, which opens today in Bradenton, Florida:
While backstage can be wild, on stage, the story turns into a hilarious Gothic thriller of its own, satirizing "Wuthering Heights," Hitchcock's "Rebecca," "The Mummy's Curse," Shakespeare and more. (January Holmes)
The Peking Duck reviews Socialism is Great by Lijia Zhang, whose Jane Eyre references had been spotted before.
And yet Lijia stands up to authority, says what is on her mind and pays the price with demerits and public humiliation. But nothing can stop her. Reading classics like Jane Eyre she forces herself to learn English, joining classes and studying with an obsessive passion. Her story is almost impossible to believe, her transition from a worker in the sulfurous and joyless Liming factory to a writer and commentator on BBC and NPR trumping just about every conceivable Cinderella story. When you hear her speak it is next to impossible to believe she taught herself English. (Richard)
Cynsations interviews author Brian James, who seems to have been working on an interesting project:
I also just finished a new manuscript called The Heights, a modern reworking of Wuthering Heights, that should come out next year.
We certainly look forward to finding more about that!

Thierry Attard discusses - in French - several screen adaptations of Jane Eyre, and The Other Shoe mainly focuses on Jane Eyre 2006. Wet Noodle Posse has posted a few - um - 'interesting' book covers, among them a couple from Jane Eyre editions.

Heather's Book Shelf writes about The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. And Literaturblog von Nomadenseele reviews Shirley in German.

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