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Theatermania has another review of Charles Ludlum's The Mystery of Irma Vep performances in Crystal City, VA:
The work may initially seem a ragbag of cultural references, but it's actually not random; its organizing joke is that it raids high culture in service of the tacky story it presents. True, we're watching a man in a dress run from a monster in a haunted mansion, but we're hearing dialogue lifted from the likes of Henrik Ibsen, Emily Bronte, and even William Shakespeare. (Patrick Lee)
SX News talks about next week's Jennifer Byrne's programme on the Australian ABC1: Sex and Romance. Jennifer Byrne thinks that:
Mills and Boon-style romances and classic romances like Emily Brönte’s (sic) Wuthering Heights should be placed in the same category.
“Chick-lit does belong in the same box, somewhere, as Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights,” Byrne says.
But she also adds: “All the books on sex that I like have an edge of danger.” (Adam Bub)
We rather think that Wuthering Heights and Mills and Boon have as much in common as a Douglas Sirk melodrama and a Cardiology Manual. Both talk about heart problems.

bjorgit has a post on Jane Eyre in Danish. Only a novel reviews Janet Gezari's edition of Emily Brontë's poems (1992):
The editor, Gezari, seems to have performed more than satisfactory and painstaking scholarship in putting together this collection. In the introduction, Gezari presents a brief historical survey of Emily Brontë’s poems, and details the choices and decisions which she made regarding the copy-text she used for the poems in this collection, the ordering, the amalgamation of fragments, titles, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. The book also includes extensive notes at the back.
On the subject of Emily's poems Experimental has posted something we find slightly creepy: a picture of probably G.H. Lewes which is sometimes taken to be a picture of Emily (even Charlotte herself acknowledged their resemblances) reciting her poem Oh Dream, where art though now?

Thimble Cottage and Perle Scaramazze (in Italian) have both read Jane Eyre. frisbee is reading Stevie Davies's Four Dreamers and Emily.

And finally, Dast Magazine writes in Swedish about Ingrid Hedström's debut novel called Lärarinnan i Villette (A female teacher in Villette), a novel set in 1990s Belgium.

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