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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007 7:45 pm by M. in    3 comments
There's something moving in the Brontë film production. Some days ago we posted about some new additions to the imdb cast. Now in the Brontë Parsonage Blog we can read those names and some other new ones:
Natalie Press is back on the production, now as Charlotte Brontë
Rebecca Hall will be Emily Brontë
Evan Rachel Wood is the only name of the all-American cast that stays in as Anne Brontë.

John Hurt (in the picture) will be Patrick Brontë.
And the other names given in our previous post: Geraldine Chaplin as Aunt Branwell, Joan Plowright plays Tabby and Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Lady Robinson.

There's also a glimpse into the film locations:
On the topic of the forthcoming new film Brontë, director Charles Sturridge and his team have visited the Parsonage recently, mainly to take mouldings of stonework (and photographs) of the exterior, because it will soon be reconstructed at a location near Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Other locations will include Brodsworth Hall, near Doncaster, and Cannon Hall, near Barnsley. Haworth village will feature too – but at the moment it is not known how much. (...)
Brussels scenes will not be filmed in Brussels – but in Luxemberg. (Richard Wilcocks)
Besides, two independent sources have confirmed to BrontëBlog that something is indeed going on. The agent of the costume designer of the production, Charlotte Walter, has told us that she is attached to the project and, Alan Bentley, director of the Brontë Parsonage Museum, has written to us confirming that members of the production have visited the Parsonage several times (taking a cast of the stone work as they are going to build a set at Delph on the Yorkshire Moors). It seems that there's a new date for starting to shoot: November, 5.



  1. Thanks for the new Bronte movie news. To be totally honest I am glad two of the Americans are out. I was cringing thinking how they would be able to pull off the right accent, either Yorkshire or Irish brouge. Miss Press played Caddy from Bleak House. I think she is a great choice for Charlotte. Also, I am a fan of John Hurt.
    With this movie and the filming of Young Victoria 2008 might be a good year for biographical period dramas.

  2. Well, it's nice to see the news are well-received then. Hopefully, these actresses will be the definitive ones - no more changes.

    It's a weird move that they originally cast Nathalie Press as Emily and now as Charlotte but, as you say, she's a good actress, so it should all be for the best. It's great to have her in the cast again.

  3. Nathalie Press is a fantastic choice for Charlotte.
    I hope they do their research though... and take a few lessons from the bbc, who are excellent when it comes to period dramas. I also hope they get some extra cash to continue plans to film in Yorkshire - it's a magical landscape without which the film may fall flat...