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Andrea Galer has been kind enough to answer a few questions we posed her regarding her work in the upcoming BBC production of Jane Eyre. Here they are:

We are curious to know whether your take on the costumes was completely unrelated to previous productions of the novel or whether you had previously looked at those too. We are also acquainted with the film Firelight, which we have also thought to be very similar to Jane Eyre. We loved it when we first heard you were to design the costumes for this new Jane Eyre, because the costumes in Firelight (in the picture) were lovely. Did you look back on those designs when creating the new ones since they're both set in similar periods?

Yes - I related it but my knowledge and feel for the 19th century will always bring about a look that is mine – that is what a designer can do, however try telling those budgeting films that – today budgets are so tight it is almost impossible to make anything and I am about to start Persuasion with virtually no budget for makes which is a great pity.

We were also wondering whether you had studied Charlotte Brontë's own surviving clothes. As you can see in this post we found the resemblance between a well-known picture of Charlotte Brontë and Ruth Wilson's image truly striking. We are guessing it was done on purpose, wasn't it?

Yes it was – seeing red as her escape, passion and fear I used it as a theme and in the Egyptian pictures I looked at the way was established. To bring in the red bow and believe it was very pleasing and as a matter of fact I did discuss Firelight with Susanna as for that I dyed Sophie’s main dress with a tinge of red to theme firelight – I loved the film and it reminds me of Jane Eyre – I never asked Bill ( he wrote and directed it) if he was influenced by Jane Eyre but it has similarities.

Andrea Galer is also very involved with her foundation Power of Hands. Remember that you can get a bit of Jane Eyre home by purchasing a similar bracelet to that worn by Blanche Ingram here - and for only a mere five pounds!

We are now really looking forward to watching this production and keeping an eye out for the wonderful costumes designed by Ms Galer :)

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