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Michael Friedl, from Seven Islands Film, has written to us providing some more specifications about the shooting in the Canary Islands and with some really beautiful pictures of the actual shooting and the crew.

We shot 2 days trying to catch a nice sunrise. To get a better mood of "dreaming" for the opener scene. So we had to start early on 5.00 morning settling up the set in the middle of the dunes of Maspalomas / Gran Canaria. The local police was very helpful with a squartuart (4-wheel-motorbike 4x4) tocation in the middle of the dunes, from where you have the vision as being in middle of a dessert without seeing any sea. The DOP and the director were very happy with the shoot. Once again the locations on the Canary Islands convinced, that only 4 flight-hours away from Europe you can find almost every Location, you find in an other way only worldwide.

On the left, Georgie Henley prepared for the "dream - sequence" for the transition
on here eyes coming back to the "room" in England.

Producer Diederick Santer with Georgie Henley behind a dune finding the starting position for the take.

Left Picture: Team Gran Canaria Shoot
last line left to right: Assistant / Sam Baker; mother of Artist /Helen Henley; Grip / Dave Ashby; Focus / Dan Shoring; Producer /Diederick Santer;
first line left to right: Make Up / Fay de Bremeker; Local Producerco/ Seven Islands Film / Michael Friedl; Director / Susanna White;DoP / Mike Eley
in front: Artist / Georgie Henley (Jane Eyre as child)
Right Picture: Georgie Henley with Local Producer co/ Seven Islands Film / MichaelFriedl.

We are very grateful to Michael Friedl and all the Seven Islands Films staff.

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  1. Brilliant photos, Beautifully evocative and exotic!

    Georgie and the rest of the crew seem to be having a lot of fun there.


  2. Nice to see you again around here, tattycoram! :D

    Glad you like the pictures - we are still mesmerised by them. The first one, especially, when viewed large is amazing.

  3. Nice to be back! I've been caught up in World Cup fever, and England are out now...

    You're right about that first pic by the way. Jane of Arabia!

  4. "Jane of Arabia" - I love that!

    Sorry about England.

  5. Hi!
    I thought Jane dreamed of colder regions (Chapter I), of

    "the vast sweep of that Arctic Zone, and those forlorn regions of dreary space,-that reservoir of frost and snow, where firm fields of ice, the accumulation of centuries of winters, glazed in Alpine heights above heifhts, surround the pole, and concentrate the multiplied rigors of extreme cold"

    Also, these picture seem to hint at a very strong Middle Eastern theme, especially the manner of her dress coupled with the presence of a desert. I didn't think that the people Brontes' Angria refered to Arabs in the Middle East. I believe they are following an Orientalism lead here.
    In fact, I am not sure if, according to Charlotte Bronte, the native Angrian residents followed a particular religion, other than being "heathens". If anything, I would have assumed their practices would tend toward the pagan.

  6. Yes, you're right. On our previous post we mention that change from cold spaces to desert ones.

    The Angria thing is a mere speculation. As a matter of fact Angrians' religions or customs were more a transposition of England ones to an African setting (the Calabar and all that) but with a strong Orientalist flavour (the Genii for instance). The Verdopolis' landscapes were pretty much in evolution since the days of the Twelve (where Oriental and exotic stuff were very present) until the days of the creation of Angria, where the landscapes tended to merge with Yorkshire.

  7. Hello mysticgypsy!

    We mentioned the drastic change in latitudes in our previous post, offering our theory that they might have got the inspiration to carry out the change from Charlotte's own juvenilia.

    Some months ago we heard that the dresses were being made by Power of Hands, a foundation to help tsunami survivors ( Could it be that this dress Jane is wearing is also influenced by (not just Middle) Eastern "fashions"?

    Charlotte Brontë was deeply influenced by The Arabian Nights when she was young at the height of her "scribblemania".

    I have just seen M. has also written a comment on the matter and he is so much more knowledgeable in juvenilia matters than I am. So I'll leave it at that :)

  8. Very very interesting stuff! Great work M and Christina! I have a lot to think about...

  9. Glad you liked it! :)

  10. I`m Spanish,from Madrid, and Georgie is filmimg in the Canary Islands!!!!
    It`s wonderful!!!1
    I love you Georgie!!ª!

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